About Me

I am a writer and marketing strategist who kind of lives in the past. And by kind of, I mean—what’s with kids these days and their loud music?

I love all things retro from the 30s to the 70s—I spend an insane amount of time looking at stuff from this time period, and I’m happy to share that stuff with you on my blog!

When forced to live in the present, I believe that everything has some kind of beauty. I like to find beauty and symmetry in the obvious places like art and nature, but I also love finding it in less conventional places: industrial areas, abandoned buildings, carnivals, and blood-stained boxing rings.

The bulk of my writing is the convergence of retro and my quest for beauty in unexpected places. Either that or it’s Magic Mike fan fiction.

[I also write a lot of non-fiction around the web, mostly centred around creativity and business mindset. Check out my bio on The 8 Percent for more info!]

10 Other Things

1. I write lots of words, and sometimes I put those words in places where people can read them.

2. I have 8 tattoos. Some of them have secret meanings that I won’t tell anyone about because I like to be quite mysterious.

3. I’m always a heart beat away from running away and becoming a carny.

4. I’m a second-generation geek—I was named after Jenna from Blake’s 7, the best sci-fi show of all time.

5. Travel is one of my biggest passions. Not in the typical I-went-somewhere-once-and-got-blackout-drunk-and-now-I-say-I-love-travel way. I mean in the trekking through Nepal, or solo-hiking through the south of France way. You can check out some photos from my many adventures in the gallery.

6. My all time favorite TV show is LOST. There might have been technically better shows since, but LOST will always have my heart. Note: They were not dead the whole time. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss!

7. My all time favorite movie is The Warriors. Can you count, suckersssss? I say the future is ours—IF you can count.

8. I have a rare sleep condition called narcolepsy. I try not to let if affect my life too much. Mostly it’s just a cool-sounding thing to have. But it means I get tired a lot and once I fell asleep at a concert, which was pretty annoying.

9. For many years, my favorite sport has been boxing. A couple of years ago I decided I would try it for myself. Ever since then, I can be found most days in the gym, hitting a bag or being punched in the face, and loving every second of it (even the parts I hate).

I often post boxing photos and videos from sparring on my Instagram page. Follow me there for more!

10. If I could go back in time to any time period, without the risk of disease (gross), I’d go back to Ancient Egypt and see civilization being born. I’m kind of obsessed with the 1960s, which you might have picked up from my blog, but I think it would be a waste of a good time travel trip to only go back a short jump.

Ancient civilizations all the way! And don’t worry, I’ll save the library at Alexandria if I get the chance.


At my first boxing match in 2014

On trek in India